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For a while we have design creative itineraries that Open the doors to new exciting experiences in East Africa countries. Meticulous planning and years of Personal research go to every tour to ensure the high Quality safaris you have come to expect from Denwise Tours and Travel.

Our expeditions in East Africa are a mixture of cultural explorations,wildlife safaris and special site seeing activities offering a glimpse of African life that is beyond ordinary.

Special offers:-Last minute opportunities and our quarterly newsletter. If you are planning a trip to East Africa talk to Tukio Ventures and let the experience be your guide.

Tour Package

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From great migratory herds of the open savannah to an incredible abundance of bird life, from the depths of a tropical rainforest to the depths of the Indian Ocean teeming with fish, this a world of natural wonders. A safari into the wilds of Kenya is a journey into nature at its pures

The many game reserves and magnificient natural geological features dotting the country, make camping in kenya a worthwhile experience. These game parks, reserves and beach destination in Kenya’s Coast offer tourists a chance to pitch tents under open skies and enjoy the marvels of nature up-close

Any Safari itinerary can be taken with an exclusive vehicle. A custom safari for two clients is significantly more expensive per person than a seat of a similar small group safari. However a custom safari with an exclusive vehicle and driver/guide are divided by the number of clents sharing the vehicle. Therefore the per person cost of a custom safari reduces the more clients that are sharing the vehicle.

Team Building

from $249 / 3 days Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat

We help teams realize their full potential and create platforms for great success, through experiential learning. We do this flawlessly by facilitating programs that are centered on individual work character and behavioral development and how to integrate their diversity to the betterment of the larger team.

Our approach involves strong team participation, and draws on our ability to bring on board a multidisciplinary team of facilitators that is experienced with great professional and technical skills. We take teams through our Team and Leadership Development journey using a number of programs.

Our methodology is drawn from Edgar Dales findings, stated in his Cone of learning above. Noting that people get to retain 90% of what they say and do, we can definitely prove that experiential learning is way more effective than the traditional passive forms of training hence guaranteed value for any corporate or individual investment.

As much as we have concentrated on experiential learning, we are always open to partner with other companies or individuals who oer individual or corporate training, to help concretize the learning and create lasting impact in the trainees’ lives.

Booking Services

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We have a fleet of well maintained customized vehicles from 9 sitter vans. Toyota Land cruiser 4x4s to Overland Trucks. Our vehicles have sliding windows, roof hatches and high ground clearance to optimise all round visibility for game viewing and photography.

If you need a business or executive jet, we’ll get you one. If you need a jumbo jet, we’ll get that too. Or any other types of small or large aircraft including Helicopters, Twin pistons or Turbo props which are suitable for short and medium distance flights with a duration of 2 - 4 hours. Aircraft seating capacity ranges from 4 - 70 passengers. We also do Ticketing for different Airlines worldwide

Book your next hotel stay with us to get a competitive rate. Whether you are travelling on a buisiness trip holiday or honeymoon let our travel experts offer you with valuable information.